We are players who have realized that greed is the most common currency on the

Gwydion server and we decided not to buy in.

So, kindness is our currency.


We are not an end game clan, no, more like an Endless Game Clan!

What does this mean? Current lvl req: 80 for rogues, 70 mages, warriors, and rangers, 60 druids (if you're super awesome we may choose to bring you in slightly outside of those req parameters but this is quite rare). Your alts may join at lvl 80.

We are not simply focused on Mordris. Standing around and waiting for Snorri to spawn...BORING!

To be THEM is a way of thinking. So many elite clans in this game are so much alike: striving for number one status, putting boss killing and leveling before friendships. For us clan is social, it is friends who band together to simply have fun, be nice, and even help noobs (gasp!). Sounds good so far? Then you just may be one of THEM!


We can proudly say we do not engage is BS Clan War politics. So leave the clan bashing at the door.


Kindness is our way of life. Other clans can have all the stuck-up, glory mongering, self-satisfying,  noob hating, clan bashing, scheming, annoying, begging, whining, anti-social, neanderthals. We don't want that in Clan them. If you are not a nice person go somewhere else. We are picky and choose only players that fit our mindset (see RULES OF CONDUCT).

If a member made it through initiation and was later found to be a bad fit then we would not hesitate to kick REGARDLESS OF THEIR LEVEL OR STATUS.


The harmony of the collective is greater than the one.



All other questions can be directed to any general in the clan.