​This a list of players who are NEVER...EVER welcome to join the clan. Knowingly recruiting them will result in immediate kicking from the clan.​


  • BazzettaWraith, BazzettaWitch, PurpleHaze, DiablaBlanca, Solitairebank, EmoBoyfriend, Wulvrici, BabyCakes, Avresi, GodMother (essentially Baz and any of Baz's alts. Plz report any known alts not listed here): She has threatened nearly every member of our clan from the old days both in game and on forums. A generally vicious and unpredictable individual.

  • Lkui31: Brazenly kills members in the arena. Generally considered one of the nastiest troglodyte children in the game.

  • Depeo02: Not a very kind individual.

  • Pablo1998/gabby123: A nasty scammer.

  • Jaay: Just not a nice kid.

  • IxDPSxI/Makcim303/0Terminator0: Steals kills in the arena by locking after you've already hit. Suggested he is also Makcim303/0Terminator0 a known scammer and drop hoarder (gets it, wont roll or offers it at a price in group despite roll rule).

  • Musho/Judo/Haplo/Greg/Worm/Tricat/Simuz/Winterz/Heroz: (Some of these alts are currently under investigation as to who the owner is) A known scammer who predated on our clan as a member and bragged after being kicked.

  • STRIFEo/WARo: Abusive behavior towards fellow clan members on clan channel.

  • Wilock/Lunder: Lied about main (known scammer), tried to sell quest items.

  • ​MrGanja97: A racist, homophobe, and sexual harasser.

  • Darkfell: Attempted to blackmail a clanmember by saying he would start shouting that person was a scammer if he was not given a disc and a rem.

  • JoeyBorrero/JoeyxKing: Multiple reports of scamming.

  • Coolkid75: Killed players in the arena to outlock for a gladiator.