April Update:

Clan Them's time as feeder clan of Soli was short lived. The two clans' focus was too disimilar and Them went back to being an independent clan.

March Update:

MorganLaFey announces that she has left the game to fulful real life obligations.

February Update:

Clan them mergers with BloodGrove and becomes feeder clan for Solitaire.

January Update:

Chief update: The changing of the crown event has been cancelled for good due to the constant scheduling issues we had with it. The chief title will be a placeholer/bank and the 2 co-chiefs are now: Quercos and MorganLaFey.

Also, Clan they will close up shop on February 1st. All Members currently in that clan will be considered for admitance into Clan them regardless of level until close of operations.

Lastly, the rank of guardian has been done away with. The only rank with recruiting privileges is general.




December Update:

Chief MorganLaFey wins again with an astounding 100! The last roll...

It was a month of massive changes. In preparation for the new lvl req and retooling of drops distribution on DL and readying for Aggy kills a few hard choices had to be made. So yes, by now you know that the clan has had some upheaval. As we expanded and grew in power so did our wants and needs. In times of change come disagreements and with disagreements come misunderstandings. To try and break it down into something simple would be a disservice. At our core, our foundation, is a clan that puts friends and family before DL and leveling. This is what is important. In the brief storm of our disagreements we lost sight of this but the foundation of that idea remains and the clan leaders MorganLaFey and Quercos hold true to preserving Clan them as a home for players who don't want to be bullied into leveling, or nagged to come to a boss run, or made to feel guilty for choosing to go solo for a night. It was then, and shall remain a clan for players who just want to log in, play, and have fun with chill people. Don't over think it. The members who put DL over friendship have moved on and there is nothing to be done for that. Will they return? Only they know. Is Clan them still a great clan for good people yes. Please join in the new year!


November Update:

No Crown roll due to schedule sorry clan!

Q back at the halfway mark.


October Update:

MorganLaFey becomes Chief!

Q takes a break to work on some RL shizz.


September Update:

MasterB2 wins the crown for the first time!

MorganLaFey becomes a Head

Some of you may not know this but Clan them has an old Alliance with Clan Solitaire and Clan Relentless. Somewhere inbetween their ongoing rivalry we nestle ourselves into a neutral spot and call them both friends. So you may have heard rumors of mergers with one or both of these clans recently and I am putting it down in writing...THERE IS NO PENDING MERGER!!! Friendly and familiar yes. Would we like to have a few of their nice ppl in our clan? Hell yes!! Alas, we don't plan to fuse our clan with anyone anytime soon. We have created something very unique, so much so I am afraid we don't quite make for a good partner in anything beyond Alliance. That said, I am sure Abigail in Soli and Pup, Alf, sterk, and BDA in Relent wont hesitate to help one of our clannies out if they are free. SinFear and a few of her Morrigan friends joined and then quickly left to form Manetheren. Good Luck to them.


August Update:

Ness gets the crown for a third time!!

August was a wild month for the clan. We formed Clan they as a place to park our alts and to invite a few friends at lower level to join and well, it grew into quite a cool little "Lil Sister Clan" for us to pull in a few awesome new clannies.

Also: Ness and JoBot, two of the original founders of the clan stepped away from their role as Heads to spend a bit more time on RL (as we all should right?). BimboBaggins  and Janirc are welcomed in to the Head cabal to help with admin duties.


July Update:

JoBot wins the crown for a second time, all hail JoBoss!

Q on vacation most of the month.


June Update:

The first "Changing of the Crown" JoBot wins the roll!


May Update:

Ness hands the crown over to JoBot. Quercos romances FenixStone and the WolfHearts gang into merging with Clan them and our family gets a bit more awesomer!


April Update:

Baz, in an April Fools prank gone very wrong, agrees to leave and hands the crown to Ness. MasterB2 becomes a Head. Them adopts most of Quercos' vision for a "Collective and Kind Clan" and the foundation for what most know as Clan them is born.


March: The clan is born! 3/13/13

Baz is our first chief. Clan them was formed by a collection of friends from HelterSkelter.

Originally envisioned as an elites clan for HelterSkelter, within the first two weeks both the Chief of HelterSkelter and the then acting Chief of Clan them changed their vision for the fledgling clan and it became it's own entity.

Our concept was simple: No one person would rule the clan. Having come from a massive clan (then largest on the server at over 1300 members at the time) which was ruled by a lone chief, we decided to create a collective instead. Though the crown is worn by one person, in fact the clan is ruled by a council of generals called "The Heads". The 4 original Heads and founders: BazetaWraith, Quercos, Ness, and JoBot.