1. Have fun.

  2. Be nice: This includes several specifics: Maintain the moral high ground. Remember, your actions reflect upon the clan. Conduct yourself in a well-mannered respectful way. Your behaviors reflect upon the clan and we present ourselves with great pride as the most helpful and kindest elites clan on the server. Your behaviors should help bolster this clan image. We do not KS others! No matter how much we despise the person or their clan. No killing a person in the arena just for fun​ or to lock a boss before they do after they've already started attacking. This is ALWAYS grounds for kicking. The rule is "Who hits firsts, gets." on all bosses. Period. Clan Them does not recognize FFA. We help noobs if we have time. Never forget that you were there once too. Charity and kindness kids: Travel to Lir's or Shalemont from time-to-time and offer aid for free! (what a concept)! 

  3. Clan Chat "CC": The clan chat or CC is not the place to just blather on about your life. It should be used for talking about the game, selling items to clannies, saying hello/goodbye, and calling bosses. That's it! Harassing/Cursing/Threatening/Whining/or just generally being a jerk on CC is grounds for kicking. Also Spamming the CC is an auto-kick.

  4. Never sell quest items. These always go to the bank. We do this to help kit the new members as fast as possible. Examples: rems, discs, orbs, crests. Dropping Skills is highly encouraged too, Players who ask for skills but sell skills will not get free skills from the bank. If you get a drop offer it to a clannie who needs it or give it to a general.

  5. We frown on greediness. Though we often group in "Clan Only" boss hunts but this is more because we are clan and we enjoy each other's company. Also it is important to us to level each other and collect loot as a whole but always be willing to invite a non-clan friend into a group if there is room, especially if they need the kill for a quest.  Say an orb drops in a full group (regardless of whether or not it is clan only or mixed), many of your clannies need it so you roll. If you win it, it is yours. If you don't need it then please offer it to the clan bank. The more clannies in your group the higher the likelihood that a clannie will score the drop, so remember to group your mates frequently. Maintain the moral high ground. If you get KS'd or feel slighted by another player, remember: Your actions and words reflect on the clan. Your behaviors are often reported back and bad behavior may result in being kicked. We have friends in all the other elite clans so, again, please no open clan bashing. Hate the player, not the clan.

  6. We do not indulge in "arena wars". We hate the player not the clan. If a player is bothering you in the arena ask clan or friends (Solitaire) to help but don't call out clannies to start harassing people from a particular clan just because one of that clan's players is an A-Hole. Moral high ground remeber? Try to screenie the player who is causing you grief and have Clan them generals speak with their clan generals or chief.

  7. We encourage you to be mature. This definitely doesn't mean no potty humor...we love potty humor. This means: Don't be childish. No begging, pestering, whining, or being bossy in groups or clan chat. This always ends in you being kicked. Keep your personal life to a whisper. No chat bombing in shouts, clan chats or any forum where your real life becomes public news. This is a fantasy world we come to to get away from our real lives. Not everyone cares and sometimes simple real life events can turn quickly into misconstrued fantasy world drama. Come to the game to play and get away.

  8. Cursing: Why would we restrict your freedom of speech? Curse if you want. Be yourself. We don't care. Just recall...Be Nice is the #1 Rule and using profanity to defame or harass another player is not very friendly. The only caveat to this is ABSOLUTELY NO CURSING AT A FELLOW CLANNIE! Warning will be issued, continuing will get you booted and added to the "Unwelcome List". Also, cursing can come across as unprofessional and immature so use your words like tools. If you don't need it to get the job done then don't use it (more of a life lesson really).


  1. Boss Kill Group Rule: The drop first goes to the person who needs it (if multiple need it then roll), then to the class in the group who would likely need it, then to the general/group leader who can opt to pass or allow a roll. If you do not need the drop, don't roll: Example: You are in a group that gets and orb and you are not lvl req to use it yet...don't roll. When in doubt give it to the general. A general may ask for the drop if no one needs as they have a running list of folks waiting for certain items. 

  2. Boss Kill Group Rule: We don't roll for petty items like gems and the like. We kill bosses so frequently that if you're active it will all come around. Be kind and spread the wealth with your friends if you seem to be the lucky one in the group getting all the drops. Greedy stingy players will ultimately be asked to leave the clan (see rule 1).

  3. CLAN THEM DOES NOT DO FREE FOR ALLS!!!! We will continue to abide by our general guidelines for any boss during these events. If another person gets first hit in before you do and you continue to attack, you are viewed as attempting to kill steal- an offense that is extremely frowned upon by our clan! We don't care if others view these bosses as FFA (free for all); we will continue to put our best foot forward and respect the image that is Clan Them. If others attempt to FFA us; fight until lock is aquired. If you don't lock then move on. (If the offending party is attempting a very late KS the gens might ask a warrior to taunt said boss towards the opposing party's druids just to show we don't approve!!! It makes me laugh to witness this!)

  4. The camper of the boss gets first dibs. If you wait for it you should get the reward. Don't need it? then pass.

  5. If your level is below 10 of most bosses your damage is basically useless. Group leaders will likely ask you to leave to make room for higher level members to ease the killing of bosses. If you don't leave when requested you may be kicked from the clan. If you don't like this...go level up and make a difference. Attacking a boss for 40 points of damage does nothelp the boss group and sticking around for good XP is not a valid reason to stay in group. An exception is always made for druids because healers are hard to level and heals are always appreciated. So make a druid!!

  6. Boss Mooching: What is this? It is when you come to a boss, die, lay there, and then demmand to roll for drops. If you didn't have an impact on the boss then you don't get rewarded. Boss moochers get kicked. Parasites like this are not Clan them.

  7. Boss Killing in group: If you show and a boss is over half dead and the group seems to have it under control please continue to help but don't feel like you're entitled to the drop. Honestly, you shouldn't have to be told this. If you aren't functional in the larger battle you don't get the reward. Show some guile and pass.




The bank does not equal handouts.​





Do not demand items. Just because you hit lvl 80 DOESNOT mean we owe you a Dragon Disc. Go camp! Earn one for yourself! Most of your clan founders had to earn their disc and such the old fashioned way...camping, farming, and patiently waiting to win the roll on the drop. If you get one you don't need ask a clannie if they need it or plz drop it to JPMorganChase so we can give it to a clanmember. There is always a wait list.


The banks are like gardens, you take a little but you have to tend to it too.​ You get items for free as you climb up the levels but these items were left there by the players that leveled before you. So, you give back to the lower level players by passing drops to the bank.

Also: You ask for a quest item that sells for 10k in the castle. We give it to you no charge because you're clan BUT we expect you to deposit items of similar value as you can. It doesn't have to be the same item but something of similar value. You give and you get. Many smaller items we can give to other low level clannies working through their quests.​

By getting these items for free from the bank you are actually saving gold, so giving a little back should not be an issue. If you receive items from the bank and are caught selling quest items openly that should be offered to the bank you will be asked to leave or kicked.  Further questions about selling and how to make gold please direct to the "Heads".

In general, we do not give items to alts. Why? Because this depletes the banks having tricked out low lvl alts that are inactive when active new ppl on their mains could use the items. However, if there is a need for your alt and we have a surplus we may grant you some items. Druids and Rangers are in short supply as character but Rogues and Warriors are an over abundance (so make a druid or ranger alt!!).


Lastly, if we give you loot at your lower level and you upgrade later DO NOT SELL IT!!! Please give it back so we can reissue it to lower levels. Its a community and we share. Thanks.


Where to mail and drop?

We have class specific banks and it is easier for bankers if you mail/drop to those things like skill tomes, rings, and pages.

JP remains the quest items bank for all classes: rems, discs, tabs, crests...

​See list of banks below.


  • JPMorganChase: the bank for Warden, Meteoric, & Frozen Quest items: rems, tabs, discs, crests, and other stuff for quests go here.

  • ThemBankRange: All Ranger items which are non-Quest items: Jewelry, skills, pages are here

  • ThemBankRogue: All Rogue items which are non-Quest items: Jewelry, skills, pages are here

  • ThemBankWar: All Warrior items which are non-Quest items: Jewelry, skills, pages are here

  • ThemBankDruid: All Druid items which are non-Quest items: Jewelry, skills, pages are here

  • ThemBankMage: All Mage items which are non-Quest items: Jewelry, skills, pages are here

  • ThemBankDrags: All Dragon Lord (DL) quest items go here.

  • DollarStore: Side quests: like, black dumpie, white stumpy, marsh brown, chess pieces, dusk/spiritshadow shards, also rings +1 & +2 and a few odds and ends.