Ah, the "Hey would you be interested in a merger?" question. It has come up almost every month since our founding back in March 2013 and we have our answer down to a science. Before you open a discussion about merging with us you will want to read our stance below. If you can't get past that...DON'T ASK!!

  1. Name chage: We wont take your name...PERIOD! A merger has to be the 2 parties coming together to form a new clan and therein a new identity. SO, we are open to a name change if the merger is awesome enough...but it's have to be pretty freaking awesome.

  2. Who gets to be Chief?: We will not be ruled by a lone cheif. It is a bad idea and it just doesn't work for us. The clan no longer functions as a collective when one person thinks they know best. The clan becomes that person's clan and when they leave the clan falls apart. We have had nothing but good things come from rule by council and the Cheif role has to be shared if you'd court us in a merger.

  3. Number of Generals?: Whatever works. Don't over think it. We liked the idea of the Knights of the Roundtable which had 12 knights so we had 12 at our peak. We have since reduced that just because some of those gens became less active. It was never a problem.

  4. Our values: We believe that having fun and being kind is more important than leveling and boss killing. We have become so good at this that we actually have fun and get to be nice while we level and boss kill. This means we keep it in clan as far as grouping for levels and bosses but we aren't assholes about it. Also, we take great pride in our member initiation so it stays.

  5. No scammers, bullies, and or greedy bastards: We just don't want it. It slowly destroys a clan's reputation and devalues the ability to have fun. People like this are not in the game to enjoy it, they only want to brag and/or hurt others. I can't believe that other elite clans will knowingly tolerate these folks just to compete with one another when players like this should be shunned like the pariahs they are. If you wouldn't lend the person 50k, they aren't worth being your clansman! Big-headed credit card kids can suck a bag-o-dicks! We wont allow them and kick them if they infiltrate.



...are you still reading? If you can dig this then perhaps we can play ball. Message Q in game.