• Chief: Quercos is the founder and oldest member of Them but the banner is held by the main bank (money is king eh?). The rule of chief is shared by the collective of generals.

  • Generals: To be a General in this clan are active players and/or tight homies from way back who are trusted to recruit and keep a cool head when deciding to kick. They must be willing to run the clan in some way be it coordinating boss runs, training new members, and a select few help as bankers. Only Generals can initiate new players to the clan. A General should run the name of the potential recruit by his/her peers as a vetting process before recruiting. In a boss hunting group all drops that are not immediately needed by a member of the group will be given to the general.

  • Guardians: Since only Gens can invite new members, WE HAVE NO GUARDIANS.

  • Clansman: This rank means you have won the accolades of your peers and are welcomed as a valued member of the clan. Clansmen have no pressure to be active or run the clan like generals. Most of the clan get to be carefree Clansmen!

  • Recruit: This position is the lowest yes but it is also full of promise. From here you are ready to show the clan that you are a team player and ready to earn the trust of your clannies. This is also a chance for the clan to get a feel for you and decide if the union is a good fit. If all goes well at the end of your probationary period  you will become a Clansman (2 weeks unless you do not have full Meteoric, them until full met).


As a Clan we are bound by fire, blood, and death (so METAL!!). When you are welcomed into Clan them, it is a joyous time for all members. We have an initiation for this to make your entry in fun and unique and the friendship timeless and memorable.

Each new initiate must be reviewed by the general on at the time and he/she must witness the initiation.

The Initiate: Once you are given the nod you will be asked to come to the beach East of the Lighthouse "Heroes Landing" where you spawn at level one, or the nearest leystone to wherever the recruiting general may call you to. Bring a Death Cap Mushroom if you can though many of the Clan them players keep one or two on them just for this occasion (especially Q). We will form a circle around you near the ley stone (and probably strip down with torches in our hands...don't be skerd!).

The Initiators: Grab a torch and form a circle around the initiate. Clothing optional...most of us strip down for ease of dancing and cheering. Group or clan chat if you need to chat but keep the "Say" chat to a hush so that the MC can say the rites of passage. Do not group the initiate until they have been reborn. Keeps it mysterious. One of the members may be sent to find a boss as the final part of the bond is to shed blood together! Once the you have died via shroom and the boss has died via a clan smackdown it's official!!

Generals: Say something like: "We gather together bearing torches as symbols of our burning passion for fun. The circle is our unity. We have all died together and shed blood together. If you are ready to join our clan you too must die with us and shed blood with us...are you ready?" (they say yes...I hope) "Plz eat the shroom" (they die and respawn at ley) "Now let's kill something!! (Many bosses are shown the wonders of a good beat down).